Commercial Photo Gallery

man in white tyvek suit sanitizing kitchen


Did you know SERVPRO of West Pasco offers disinfecting services? Whether your home or business, let us help by using electrostatic spraying techniques that give the Certified SERVPRO Clean seal of approval! 

Flooded School? No problem!

When a water supply line bursts causing flooding throughout a local New Port Richey school, SERVPRO of West Pasco crews were dispatched in minutes. SERVPRO of West Pasco is Faster to any size disaster, extracting water and placing drying equipment to help prevent damages from a second loss.

Toilet Line Leak at a Local Church

Leaks in the toilet supply line are all too common, a call we receive a few times a week at least. SERVPRO of West Pasco received an after-hours phone call from a church after a storage line leaked, causing damage throughout the children’s area. SERVPRO technicians were immediately dispatched to extract water and place drying equipment so the children could get back to playtime “Like it never even happened.”

An Ice Line Break in a Port Richey Commercial Building

When an ice maker line leaks, it can happen quickly, leading to serious damage in a kitchen and – if it goes too long – throughout an entire building.  Luckily, the kitchen manager of this Port Richey commercial building caught the leak quickly and called SERVPRO of West Pasco, so mitigation could begin quickly and damage was minimized. 

moldy vent cover

Mold Can Affect Your Duct System Too

Once mold has reached your HVAC system be assured it has also blown throughout your duct system. This Trinity business had a small leak, going unnoticed for quite some time, giving mold the perfect home in the A/C and duct system.

A Storage Unit Oops.

Always be mindful of what you place in your storage unit. A single train battery was left in one unit exploded causing a fire which engulfed nearly 50 other units. As seen in this photo, most items were unsalvageable.  

green and orange wedding cake on green table

Orange and Green Wedding Bells

Best wishes to the happy couple! SERVPRO of West Pasco had fun with a mock wedding at the West Pasco Board of Realtors Tradeshow. As you can see, they bleed orange and green!

two women and a man holding a large check and a man in white shirt signing it

SERVPRO supports the SPCA

Executive Director Jeremy George signs a giant check in support of the SPCA Suncoast. Our company was proud to be able to make this donation for such a great cause!